Updated: 2012-11-14: IWQB2013 Abstract Booklet and Flyer will be available for download.

Opening Remarks (9:50 ~ 10:00)

Session I.

10:00 - 12:00
chair: Miki Ebisuya

    [1] Dr. Avigdor Eldar (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

    Title: "Social evolution shapes the diversification of bacterial intercellular signaling"  

    [2] Dr. Naoki Irie (University of Tokyo, Japan)

    Title: "Flexibility in early animal developmental system"  

    [3] Dr. Yu-Chiun Wang (Center for Developmental Biology, RIKEN, Japan)

    Title: "Quantitative 4D analyses of epithelial folding during Drosophila gastrulation"  

Poster Session & Lunch Break (12:00 - 13:30)

Short Talk Session

13:30 - 13:45
co-chairs: Noriko Hiroi and Akira Funahashi

    [1] Dr. Masashi Kajita (The University of Tokyo)
    Title: "Modeling of Self and Non-self Discrimination by T-cells" 

Session II.

13:45 - 15:30
Chun-Biu Li

    [1] Dr. Yoshiyuki Arai (Osaka University, Japan)
    Title: "Realtime fluorescnece and chemiluminescence imaging with optogenetic activation in living cells." 

    [2] Dr. Hiroaki Takagi (Nara Medical University, Japan)

    Title: "Relevance of spontaneous migration to tactic response in Dictyostelium cells" 

    [2] Dr. Rinshi Kasai (Kyoto University, Japan)

    Title: "Reversible dimer formation of G-protein coupled receptor: Quantitative evaluation by a single fluorescent molecule imaging" 

Coffee Break (15:30 - 15:50)

Session III.

15:50 - 17:50
Ziya Kalay

    [1] Dr. Craig Jolley (CDB, RIKEN Japan)
    Title: "Mammalian circadian oscillations at the cellular and tissue scales"

    [2] Dr. Tomonobu Watanabe (QBiC, RIKEN, Japan)
    Title: "Development of fluorescent protein to sense physical parameters"

    [3] Dr. Andre Leier (OIST, Japan)
    Title: "Simulating diffusion in crowded environments with multifractional Brownian motion"

Closing Remarks (17:50 ~ 18:00)

Free Discussion at the Poster Session Room (18:00 - 20:00)