International Workshop on Quantitative Biology 2013 focuses on remarkable achievements in measuring, modeling and controlling biological processes, organized by motivated members of Japanese Society for Quantitative Biology with their friends.

Worldwide experts of quantitative biology have been invited to participate in the workshop.

This year's our new challenge is to set up one common scope for the whole of this workshop instead of dividing sessions into different topics. By putting forward the significance of Temporal Development and Evolution of Biological processes in the wide range of scale - from single molecule, intracellular, cellular network, organs, or individual - we hope to help opening new insights of these biological events and the new insights that may come across on attendee's mind. At the same time, we propose one specific aspect to enjoy our workshop that 'vivo vs art'; we pay much effort to developing the microscopic tools to gather enough data to solve a biological problem. On the other hand, we have started to synthesize the way to control a living matter with artificial molecular network, also to solve a biological problem. These two directions will meet in the field of Quantitative Biology to solve a problem with inverse or direct strategy.

All talks and poster sessions are sponsored by "Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) meeting" grant of CDB, RIKEN, and Keio University, in Japan.

The talks during the one-day workshop will be in English to help the international audience that would be attending the workshop.

We plan to have poster sessions as well and so we encourage students and young researchers to participate at the workshop.

This special one-day international sessions will be held on the 25th of November 2013, together with the 6th Annual meeting of the Japanese Society for Quantitative Biology in Osaka (22nd - 24th November 2013).