iSight Capture plugin for ImageJ 64bit (confirmed to work on MacOSX and Linux)



  • To use this plugin, you need OpenCV (2.4.0 or above) to be installed on your system.
  • For example, if you are using MacOSX and already installed MacPorts, type following command lines in the terminal.
  • sudo port selfupdate
    sudo port install opencv

Supported hardware

iSight Capture plugin uses OpenCV for image acquisition. Although we have tested only on iSight (built-in camera on MacBooks), several users on ImageJ ML reported that it worked on serveral cameras provided by third-party. In principle, this plugin will work on a camera which is supported by OpenCV. We still can not find complete list of supported devices on OpenCV, but here is an bit outdated list of supported devices, and an explanation on list of supported devices on OpenCV.


  • Copy ISight_Capture.jar and all 9 jar files included in to "plugins" folder (ex. for, copy them to /Application/

How to use

  • Launch
  • Navigate to [Plugins] -> [iSight Plugin] -> [Run iSight Capture Plugin...]
  • To capture an Image from iSight, invoke [Duplicate] from ImageJ ([Command] + [Shift] + d).
  • To capture an Image from iSight and quit previewing, hit [Space] or [ESC] key.


Have fun! :-)


iSight Capture plugin has been primary developed by

  • Akira Funahashi
  • Yuki Tsukada

with substantial contributions from

  • Mitsunari Kobayashi
  • Noriko Hiroi
  • Tetsuya J. Kobayashi


This plugin is an outcome after ImageJ workshop in Japan.