International workshop on Quantitative Biology 2012 focuses on recent advances in measuring and modeling dynamic cellular processes, organized by motivated members of Japanese Society for Quantitative Biology.

Quantitative cell biology experts from Japan, Europe, US and Asia have been invited to participate in the workshop. 

The topics of the sessions of the conference are ‘Theories and analyses for exploring mesocopic world’, ‘Power of Engineering in New Facets of Biology’,  ‘Estimation of Model Parameters using Time-series Data’ and ‘Advances in probing cytoskeletal and chromosomal dynamics in dividing cells’. 

The ‘Data-driven Estimation of Model Parameters’ session is sponsored by "data assimilation" project in Transdisciplinary Research Integration Center (TRIC) of Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS: http://www.rois.ac.jp/english/) in Japan, to promote the application of “data assimilation method” to biological problems.

The invited speakers in the 'Advances in probing cytoskeletal and chromosomal dynamics in dividing cells' session and the opening speaker of the workshop, Prof. Madan Rao, are supported by a UK-Japan Joint project grant from Royal Society, UK to promote the development of automated image processing tools for modelling cell division control mechanisms.

The talks during the one-day workshop will be in English to help the international audience that would be attending the workshop.

We plan to have poster sessions as well and so we encourage students and young researchers to participate at the workshop.

This special one-day international sessions will be held on the 22nd of November 2012, together with the 5th Annual meeting of the Japanese Society for Quantitative Biology in Tokyo (23rd - 25th November 2012).


IWQB2012: sponsored by
Royal Society, UK
Transdisciplinary Research Integration Center (TRIC) of Research Orhanization of Information and Systems (ROIS), Japan
Research Group on Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo, Japan